October 24, 2014

Embrace in-store Wi-Fi and surf the wave of change in retail

For the vast majority of retailers, providing a highly personal level of service is what distinguishes them from the online competition. And it is often fear of losing the personal element that makes them reluctant to embrace in-store Wi-Fi, de...

September 22, 2014

“Wake up and smell the coffee” – give your customers a truly digital in-store experience

Does a customer who walks into a retail store expect a lower level of service than in a coffee shop or hotel? Of course not.

Yet consumers today are feeling left out when they enter a retailer’s doors. Why? Because the majority of...


Chris O'Dell

Vice President, Sales

Chris O'Dell is Vice President, Sales of Hughes Network Systems Europe, the sales and operating organisation for the European market of Hughes Network Systems, LLC., a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation.


Dan Thornton

Head of Solutions Development
Hughes Network Systems Europe
Dan Thornton joined Hughes in October 2013 and brings with him over 25 years in the communications industry, holding senior roles in Technical, Sales and Marketing positions in both start-up and large organisations.