Controlling Your Costs

Hughes managed services can help you achieve more while spending less.


Don't Let Escalating Network Expenses Run You Out of Business

More than ever, your network must become a strategic asset to empower the business. In today's economic climate, where streamlining and efficiency can make the difference between boom or bust, it's essential that you identify strategies that help your company save without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The answer is a more advanced, more fully integrated network that can scale with your business.

HUGHES recognises how important cost issues have become, which is why we take your bottom line into account every step of the way.

Hughes Managed Services deliver the tools, resources, and expertise you need to make your network a strategic asset that is less costly, more reliable, and performs better for your business.

Make Your Network a Strategic Asset and Save Costs

  • High-speed data with rich media capability improves productivity

  • Superior application performance increases network efficiency

  • Fully managed service keeps all your sites connected no matter how remote their locations

  • Faster transactions improve efficiency and keep costs under control

  • Single invoice billing for all your  networking needs simplifies operations

With a Hughes Managed Service, you can directly address your cost issues.

For instance:

  • Hughes High-Availability VPN saves as much as 30 percent (or more) over competitor T1 solutions, while achieving 99.99% availability

  • Hughes Optimised VPN delivers the most cost-effective broadband technology to each site

  • Hughes Access Continuity insures your network stays on-line in the event your landline fails

  • Hughes Digital Media solutions allow you to communicate with your customers and employees more cost effectively

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