The business of selling cars is done mostly over the Internet. Give new buyers a smooth experience, and they'll drive off happy and keep coming back.


Increase Efficiency and Rev Up Sales 

These are tough times in the car business. Customers are looking for a little bit extra from the dealership.  They expect a smooth experience from the show room to the service department. 

In the extremely competitive world of auto sales, many of today’s auto dealerships are providing creature comforts and amenities to entice customers in to their showrooms.  Including ways to inform and entertain their customers as they wait for service or peruse the showroom.  A number of dealers have turned to Hughes’ Digital Media Solutions for digital signage in showrooms and in the service waiting areas.  As well as a means to better train their technicians and sales associates.


Get the Competitive Edge

  • Showroom signage informs customers as they look at vehicles

  • Service department signage informs customers of new services as they wait

  • Improves advertising retention

  • Enables effective branding control and call-to-action messaging

  • Provides dynamic training to technicians and sales personnel

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