Hospitality In the past, consumers looked for a hotel with a clean room, a hot shower, and a comfortable bed. Today’s hotel customer is looking for a new level of comfort and convenience that only technology can provide. At Hughes, we’re working with leaders in hospitality to make intelligent use and management of technology that directly improves the customer experience.
In-Room Entertainment
Make your guests stay more enjoyable by making them feel at home. Turn their hotel room TV into the guest's control and entertainment center.
In-Room Entertainment
Digital Concierge
Keep your guests informed using interactive kiosks to provide local weather, traffic and air-travel information. Provide local restaurant reviews and directions as well as promote local attractions and deals to make their stay more enjoyable.
Digital Concierge
Create a more informed workforce and improve customer service with engaging video on-demand training in the back office or break room. Update employees on: shift responsibilities, occupancy rates, conventions, security needs, and more.
Guest Wi-Fi
Make your guests' stay as enjoyable as possible by providing high-quality Wi-Fi access that is safe and secure and gives you an opportunity to inform your customers about the property and local promotions.
Guest Wi-Fi
PCI Compliance
Get Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance without the complexity with managed VPNs and firewalls using intelligent routers. It's secure, efficient, and guards against wireless and wireline threats.
PCI Compliance

Your hotel will need to do more to compete in the future.
We make it possible today.

These days, hotel guests are looking for more. More comfort, more convenience, more customisation, more ways to stay connected. To complicate the picture, a tough economy has made the environment more competitive. You need the right technology to deliver the services guests want without burdening them with additional costs. You'll enhance the guest experience with Hughes Digital Concierge™ kiosks for greater convenience and service, and provide access to Wi-Fi, and engaging, rich-media digital signage throughout the hotel.

A hospitality solution from Hughes puts Hotel of the Future technology to work for your company today, helping you make the most of every opportunity to win over and delight your guests.

You'll empower guests with instant information and self-service capabilities, and deliver better service with a staff that has constant access to training and updates. With smart, forward-looking technology, you can meet the expectations of today's increasingly demanding hotel guests-and get a head start on the future. With Hotel of the Future thinking, you'll delight your guests and stay at the top of your game. Backed by our 25 years of industry experience, Hughes can help you build your Hotel of the Future-today.

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