Restaurant The future of the Restaurant and its ability to survive and thrive amidst competition and tough economic times lies in the intelligent use and management of technology and how it directly impacts the customer experience. See how Hughes is working with many of the leading names in the Restaurant industry, enabling them to use their network as brand-building tools.
Video Surveillance
Prevent loss with video monitoring. Video capture can be tied to backoffice/POS systems to save time sorting through footage. Improve security and protect profits.
Video Surveillance
Digital Menu Boards
Anticipate traffic and optimize each selling moment with digital menu boards. Tailor messaging for the time of day and the targeted customer demographic. Improve margins and customer service.
Digital Menu Boards
Dynamic Drive-Thru
Put mobile technology and digital menu boards to work to communicate with customers about promotions, sales, featured menu options, and loyalty programs. Use loyalty programs at the drive thru to: track customers, incentivize, and reward brand loyalty.
Dynamic Drive-Thru
High-Availability VPN
Get the network performance and reliability you need for your restaurant. More bandwidth, faster applications, enhanced security, and better reliability protects against downtime you can't afford.
High-Availability VPN
Serve customers better with well-trained employees. Educate with engaging video on- demand training in the back office or break room on topics including: food preparation, personnel management, and regulatory requirements.
Guest Wi-Fi
Make your customers' visit as enjoyable as possible by providing high-quality Wi-Fi access that is safe and secure and gives you an opportunity to inform your customers about the restaurant and promotions.
Guest Wi-Fi
Table-Top Ordering
Make your customers' visit as enjoyable as possible by providing high-quality Wi-Fi access that is safe and secure and gives you an opportunity to inform your customers about the restaurant and promotions.
Table-Top Ordering

The Restaurant of the Future

Today's consumers are more connected than ever. The restaurant of the future needs to be too.

Attracting customers to your restaurant is a whole new game these days. They have smart phones and wireless access. They're depending on online reviews and social media, and they're looking for amenities like Wi-Fi in addition to a good meal. It’s tough to win over consumers who are always connected, influenced by other people's opinions, and not particularly loyal to any brand.

A managed solution from Hughes puts Restaurant of the Future technology to work for your business today. You'll enhance the customer experience with dynamic rich media that promotes your brand and provides instant dining information and social media tie-ins. Guest Wi-Fi will keep your tech-savvy customers happy and connected.

Hughes provides a portfolio of managed services uniquely designed to address the needs of the restaurant industry. To create exciting customer experiences, Fast Casual concepts need to leverage every possible advantage from the cloud. Hughes ActiveCompression™ dramatically magnifies any available network to carry an ever increasing load. To improve profitability, franchise operators need to drive down their operational overhead. Hughes ActiveQoS™ provides enterprise grade performance over low-cost broadband connections. With Hughes, the restaurant will have consistent POS transactions, even during peak busy hours. To support an expanding restaurant footprint with minimal IT staff resources, Hughes ActiveClassifier™ intelligently analyzes data traffic, eliminating the need to individually manage numerous network policies.

In addition, Hughes provides a full suite of restaurant business applications, including Guest Wi-Fi, digital menu boards, DiningRoomTV, and employee training. All restaurant franchisees are not the same, Hughes is able to contract with each individual franchisee to tailor our solution profile to address a wide spectrum of need.

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