Retail The shopping experience of tomorrow will be a lot different from today’s. Internet-based technologies and networks are becoming available which extend the shopping experience outside the traditional bricks and mortar environment. Find out how Hughes is helping leading retailers support the retail store and shopping experience of the future.
High Availability VPN
Get the network performance and reliability you need for your store operations. More bandwidth, faster applications, enhanced security, and better reliability protects against downtime you can't afford.
High Availability VPN
Video Surveillance
Prevent loss with video monitoring. Video capture can be tied to backoffice/POS systems to save time sorting through footage. Improve security and lower costs.
Video Surveillance
Digital Signage
Increase foot traffic and move inventory with customer-facing digital signage. Tailor messaging for the time of day. Optimize each selling opportunity for better margins and customer service.
Digital Signage
Interactive Kiosks
Give your customers added convenience. Connect customers to the merchandise they are looking for. Touch-screen displays act as an electronic concierge, and shoppers are told where their items are located.
Interactive Kiosks
Keep your sales team informed and ready to help customers with on-demand video training in the back office or break room. Provide updates on promotions, product information, and more.

The Retail Store of the Future

Make Sure Your Stores Are Omni-Channel Ready
Activate a Superior Customer Experience with HughesON™

A well-informed customer is a demanding one, and today's mobile-enabled consumers have never had more information at their fingertips. They expect a consistent experience as they move from one shopping channel to another—whether it’s the Web, a storefront, a mobile device, or a rewards program. If you don't get it right, you risk losing their business.

That’ why savvy retailers today are taking an omni-channel approach, providing a seamless, consistent customer experience no matter the touch point—including mobile devices, retail Web site, brick-and-mortar stores, TV, catalog, direct mail, and others. Often over looked is the underlying network needed to powering one of your most important channels— your brick-and-mortar stores.

To provide a superior retail experience, you need a powerful network that supports your omni-channel strategy.

HughesON™ retail solutions put Store of the Future technology to work for your business today, powering your omni-channel strategy with:

  • High-Capacity Networks that provide the speed you need to enjoy peak application performance
  • Quality of Service that ensures that your priority applications get priority treatment
  • High Reliability that ensures your stores stay open for business even if the primary network fails
  • Strong Security that secures your customers’ privacy and your store network
  • Robust Wi-Fi that ensures customers and employees can easily access your mobile apps and the Internet
  • Training that engages your associates with on-demand video via smartphones and tablets
  • Digital Signage that delivers compelling messages to your customers via dynamic in-store signage

To win over today’s savvy consumers, you need to give them more options, more convenience, and a superior shopping experience. Get it right with HughesON.

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