Service Providers

Telecom service providers around the world are choosing Hughes technology to help them deliver high-quality, reliable broadband communications.


With a complete package of network design, integration, management, and professional services, Hughes is your go-to source for broadband.

*Specific availability differs by region. See In Your Region for more information.

Broadband Solutions for Service Providers:

  • Hardware

  • Consumer Internet services

  • Enterprise network services

  • Corporate network services

  • Mobile and maritime solutions

  • Supported Applications

    • VoIP

    • VPN

    • Wireless backhaul on GSM/WiFi or WiMax

    • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

    • SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products)

    • Smart grid

    • And more

How You Benefit from Working with Hughes:

  • Technology and market leader

  • Global presence

  • Scalable and secure networks

  • OEM technology

  • Strategic partnerships

  • One network, one provider, one face to the customer

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