Utilities At the core of the energy revolution are smart networks that feed information to both customers and suppliers. These high performance, reliable, and secure networks help customers control their energy consumption patterns, providing important data back to suppliers that help them supply the right amount of energy to the right places, at the right time of day. Learn how Hughes is making this smart communications network a reality today.
Advanced Metering
Connect your coverage area no matter where your customers are located with 100% nationwide coverage for your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) backhaul communication requirements.
Advanced Metering
Substation Automation
Continually monitor the performance of the grid no matter where your critical assets are located. Automatically react to issues in real time with real time communications.
Substation Automation

The utility industry faces a future of challenges.
Get a head start today.

The new Smart Grid and Smart Metering initiatives present a complex set of challenges—especially if you’re the one in charge of the network. From advanced metering infrastructure systems to substation monitoring and communications, you need to reliably monitor all your critical network assets, no matter where they are located.

A managed solution from Hughes puts Utility of the Future technology to work for your company today. No matter where your customers are located, you’ll keep your entire customer area connected with nationwide coverage.You’ll be able to continually monitor the performance of the grid, no matter where your critical assets are located, and automatically react to issues in real time with real-time communications.

You'll deliver better service and address outages more quickly, and you'll keep your crews connected even where cell coverage is spotty or a network failure has occurred. With Utility of the Future thinking, you'll delight your customers and stay at the top of your game. Backed by our thirty years of experience, Hughes can help you build your Utility of the Future-today.

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