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A Single Set of Solutions

Today's enterprise network is evolving in numerous dimensions. Many companies are highly distributed with multiple offices and branches that need access to the mission-critical applications that drive business. In addition to core applications, such as point-of-sale and back office, new bandwidth-intensive applications, including on-demand video training, interactive kiosks, Guest Wi-Fi, VoIP, mobile applications, and new cloud-based applications, are becoming essential. But the reliability and bandwidth demands of these applications are straining the WAN beyond what typical MPLS and standard broadband solutions can deliver cost-effectively.

Introducing HughesON™, the next-generation standard for enterprise private networks. HughesON™ is a comprehensive set of managed network solutions designed to meet the unique needs of distributed organisations across all countries, integrating voice, data, and video applications seamlessly over any broadband transport, whether satellite, DSL, cable, 3G/4G cellular, MPLS, or any combination. From high-capacity access to high-availability networks, from digital signage to employee communications and training, from managed security to managed Wi-Fi, HughesON™ solutions enable you to cost-effectively enhance your customers’ user experience, engage your employees, and streamline your business operations.

Don’t let your network hold your business back. With the HughesON™ portfolio of managed network and digital media solutions, you can do more with less, leverage your existing networking infrastructure for greater performance and capabilities, and affordably improve your competitive position by deploying the latest applications, ultimately transforming the WAN into an essential asset to serve your branches and digital stores of the future. Power your business with HughesON™.

The Next Generation WAN

HughesON™ Managed Network Solutions employ innovative, patent-pending Hughes technologies, such as ActiveQoS™ and ActiveCompression™, to enable cost-effective, high-performance data, voice, and video applications over affordable broadband networks. Incorporating sophisticated edge intelligence and backed by enterprise-grade SLAs, HughesON™ Managed Network Solutions deliver enterprise-class performance over broadband VPNs at significant savings.

Unleash the Power of Digital Media

HughesON™ Digital Media Solutions harness the power of high-impact digital media and video to solve your key customer and employee communications challenges, easily and creatively. Employing high-definition screens, you can display dynamic video, text, and graphics at any number of locations simultaneously, create a unique customer experience, communicate with and train employees, and build a sustained competitive edge. From live TV, video-on-demand, and corporate communications, to customer service, news, and localised information, Hughes can tailor a solution that best meets your business needs, improving employee performance, enhancing corporate branding, and building customer loyalty.

HughesON™ solutions help distributed enterprises meet a host of critical business initiatives such as security, cost containment, workforce management, and improved customer experience at every site, regardless of location or network challenges. By converging all network elements, including transport, devices, and applications, as part of a comprehensive service architecture, HughesON™ solutions deliver better performance, higher reliability, and assured security.

HughesON™ managed network solutions offer the coverage, scalability, and performance you need from a single provider.

  • Enjoy higher network performance, increased bandwidth, and lower price points for all your business locations with Hughes High-Capacity Access.

  • Make network downtime a thing of the past with Hughes High-Availability Networking.

  • Protect your customers and your business from security threats with Hughes Managed Security Services.

  • Keep your customers and employees connected with HughesON Managed Wi-Fi™.

  • Achieve improved application performance, easier migration to cloud-based services, and ultimately a better return on investment with Hughes WAN Optimisation.

With HughesON™ Digital Media Solutions, you’ll deliver high-impact, effective messaging to all your audiences, including customers and employees.

  • Engage customers to action and deliver up-to-the-minute dynamic content to any number of locations simultaneously with HughesON MediaSignage™ solutions.

  • Train employees through engaging video-on-demand and live content with HughesON MediaTraining™ solutions.

  • Deliver, manage, and track online training fast with the Web-based Hughes Learning Portal™.

  • Keep employees and customers informed with HughesON MediaTV™ solutions:

    • Provide an enjoyable breakroom experience with Hughes Breakroom TV™ and Hughes Digital Bulletin Board™.

    • Help customers navigate the store with Hughes Digital Associate™ and guide hotel guests with Hughes Digital Concierge™.

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