High-Availability Networking

Make network downtime a thing of the past with Hughes High-Availability Networking.


Always available. Always affordable.

Downtime is the enemy of your enterprise network. Even a few hours offline can severely impact your reputation and your bottom line. You need a way to keep critical business applications online, and you need to do so at a reasonable price.

Hughes High-Availability Networking combines the best of wireless and wireline technologies to deliver an integrated, fully managed network with unmatched reliability and performance.

With two diverse broadband paths at each site, you can be confident that your mission-critical applications and processes will continue to be available, even if one of your broadband connections is disrupted.

Hughes High-Availability Networking employs advanced routing techniques to ensure optimal performance of your critical applications so you know each one is operating at its peak.

Experience the benefits of a fully managed, totally integrated service:

  • Turnkey network deployment, configuration, and implementation

  • Proactive fault management of equipment and network

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