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People want to stay connected. Whether it's at the airport or at the coffee shop around the corner, today's public expects broadband wherever they go. Keeping your employees connected to your network via in-store wireless also allows them to stay on the store floor to better serve your customers. For retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, offering Wi-Fi can be the difference between keeping customers coming back and losing them to the competition.

But offering Wi-Fi does pose challenges. How will you manage the costs and complexity? How can you keep your network secure and compliant? How can you make sure to provide a positive user experience?

Hughes solves these challenges with HughesON Managed Wi-Fi™, offering a number of service options including: Guest Wi-Fi, Enterprise Wi-Fi, powerful Wireless Intrusion Protection (WIPS), and PCI compliance. With broad coverage from a single, trusted provider, you can avoid the complexity of multiple carriers, vendors, and technologies. Hughes delivers everything you need in a uniform and cost-effective managed solution.

Keeping your customers connected
Hughes Guest Wi-Fi

Hughes Guest Wi-Fi provides your customers with high-quality Internet access at whichever locations you choose. When guests open a browser, they are re-directed to your welcome screen, which is an ideal marketing channel for you to promote your brand, special promotions, and local partner advertising. As a managed service, you can rest easy knowing the service will provide an enhanced user experience for your customers; and in the unlikely event there is an issue, count on Hughes technical support to resolve it.

Empowering your employees
Hughes Enterprise Wi-Fi

Today's enterprises are making more and more use of Wi-Fi to help employees stay connected whether they're managing inventory at a warehouse or helping customers on the sales floor.

HughesON Managed Wi-Fi™ brings your customers the Wi-Fi they expect, plus the following benefits to your business:

  • A fully-managed service that helps you conserve IT resources

  • Single vendor, therefore reducing complexity

  • Secure service that helps keep your network PCI-compliant

  • Improves the customer experience

  • Keeps employees connected

  • One provider for your broadband network and Wi-Fi, thus lowering costs

HughesON Managed Wi-Fi™ offers a complete portfolio of services, including Guest Wi-Fi, Enterprise Wi-Fi, powerful Wireless Intrusion Protection (WIPS), and PCI compliance with these features:

  • Welcome page: Redirects Guest Wi-Fi users to a screen with welcome and Terms and Conditions information, which is also ideal for marketing messaging

  • Access control: Separates guest traffic from private enterprise traffic, protecting corporate data

  • Quality of Service (QoS) prioritisation: Prioritises bandwidth-intensive applications like VoIP while also giving network access to lower-priority users and applications

  • Turnkey service and maintenance: Provides comprehensive end-to-end support, with 24/7 centralised monitoring and responsive onsite service

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