Access Continuity

Keep mission-critical applications up and running even when disaster strikes with alternate–path backup solutions from Hughes.


An Insurance Policy for Your Network

Your network is only as good as it is reliable. Even a brief outage has the potential to significantly disrupt your business operations and create revenue and productivity losses. And when a network goes down because of a disaster, the results could be even more serious.

That's why an affordable, diverse-path backup solution for your primary landline communications network is critical to keep your business running seamlessly through any situation.

Hughes Access Continuity is a fully managed, secure diverse wireless (3G or satellite) backup solution that completely bypasses your primary landline connections and protects your business from costly network outages.

Hughes Access Continuity delivers comprehensive network and service management for your integrated wireless and wireline broadband network.

  • Turnkey deployment including network design, configuration, installation, maintenance, and customer help-desk

We conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to design a cost-effective solution tailored specifically to your business needs.

  • Flexible network configuration options let you decide which applications require backup

A Snapshot of Hughes

  • Over 25 years of experience managing large-scale enterprise networks

  • TMC Labs Innovation Award for Hughes Enterprise VoIP (2012)

  • Top-tier IP VPN Provider according to Vertical Systems Group (2008)

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