Application Acceleration

Delivering the anytime, anywhere, always-on functionality your users require.


An Intelligent Approach to Increased Performance

At the end of the day, performance is everything. You want your network to be as fast and available as it possibly can be. HUGHES has the unique blend of technology, innovation and experience to ensure your applications perform at the very highest levels.

With enterprise networks in general shifting away from the client-server paradigm in favour of Web-based application delivery models, innovative solutions are required to deliver the “anytime, anywhere, always” functionality your users require via this latest architecture shift. It’s a challenging situation. Fortunately, it's one that Hughes can help you meet head on.

A Unique Approach

Hughes Enterprise Solutions offer a compelling alternative to standard WAN optimisation. Our synergistic combination of WAN at the edge and widely available broadband networking offers the distributed enterprise a highly cost-effective, enterprise-grade private networking solution.

Fully Optimized Utility and Performance

  • Application-aware networking: Combined broadband VPN and WAN optimization at the network edge can deliver a highly cost-effective, application-aware networking solution.

  • Better Technology, Better Price: Hughes integrates WAN technology within the access router to achieve improved performance and throughput akin to more costly lease-line MPLS.

  • Network Availability: Hughes dual access architecture readily addresses bandwidth scalability and offers upgrade capabilities on a site-by-site basis.

  • End-to-End Management: Hughes offers a full life cycle approach to managed services.

Hughes Managed VPN services, now featuring enhanced WAN optimization, are a compelling solution to the challenges associated with next-generation IP-based networks.

  • Comprehensive, fully managed networking service

  • Integral WAN optimization for improved application performance and network efficiency

  • Supports all types of broadband access

  • Eliminates cost and complexity of third-party WAN optimization controllers

  • Successful field-proven technology

WAN optimisation refers to a suite of capabilities that seeks to optimise network utilisation and accelerate a broad range of applications accessed by distributed enterprises users via a variety of methods:

  • Traffic management methods that give priority to mission-critical applications during “rush hour” congestion

  • TCP and other protocol-specific acceleration algorithms to minimise the effects of network latency

  • File and object caching with "pre-fetch" mechanisms to speed up response times

  • Data reduction techniques, including compression and protocol redundancy removal

A Snapshot of Hughes

  • Over 25 years of experience managing large-scale enterprise networks

  • TMC Labs Innovation Award for Hughes Enterprise VoIP (2012)

  • Top-tier IP VPN Provider according to Vertical Systems Group (2008)

  • Frost & Sullivan North American Retail Market Leadership Award (2007)

  • Approximately 260,000 locations managed for Fortune 500 enterprises

  • A leader in business IP video delivery for digital signage, corporate communications and training applications

  • Global service delivery with sales offices and operations worldwide

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