Broadband Connectivity

Leverage wireline, wireless and satellite technologies to deliver secure, reliable broadband connectivity to all remote locations.


One-Stop Managed Networking for All Your Branch Locations

To keep your business thriving, you need secure, affordable broadband connectivity at all your branch sites, regardless of their location. T1 lines can be prohibitively expensive, and DSL and cable are not available everywhere. You may have considered a mix of broadband services, but who has the time and budget to manage multiple network providers?

The ideal solution is Hughes® Optimized VPN, a managed network service that leverages both wireline and wireless technologies to deliver secure and reliable broadband connectivity optimized for each of your locations.

Hughes Optimized VPN delivers the most cost-effective service to each location—resulting in improved application performance, higher employee productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Wherever your location, Hughes Optimized VPN keeps you connected

  • The optimal wireline or wireless technology for each location

  • Choose DSL, cable, 3G/wireless, T1 or broadband satellite

  • Nationwide broadband coverage

  • Fully managed service from a single provider

  • Secure, end-to-end network, designed from standards-based technologies

  • HUGHES Customer Gateway portal to track network activity via a single, Web-based utility

Hughes Optimized VPN leverages an integrated wireline and wireless network to deliver complete broadband connectivity to all your locations.

  • Extend your network beyond the limits of DSL and cable

  • Choose the most efficient broadband technology for each location

  • Improve your bottom line with affordable pricing for your entire multi-site network

  • Future-proof your network with the flexibility to increase bandwidth as needed

Hughes Optimized VPN is a fully secure, end-to-end network designed to safeguard your data and systems.

  • Standards-based technologies, such as IPSec tunneling and AES encryption

  • Optional private network implementation means that network traffic doesn’t touch the Internet

  • PCI-compliant architectures available for all broadband access technologies

A Snapshot of Hughes

  • Over 25 years of experience managing large-scale enterprise networks

  • TMC Labs Innovation Award for Hughes Enterprise VoIP (2012)

  • Top-tier IP VPN Provider according to Vertical Systems Group (2008)

  • Frost & Sullivan North American Retail Market Leadership Award (2007)

  • Approximately 260,000 locations managed for Fortune 500 enterprises

  • A leader in business IP video delivery for digital signage, corporate communications and training applications

  • Global service delivery with sales offices and operations worldwide

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