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Hughes Emergency Network Restoral combines pre-disaster planning with rapid post-event deployment to keep networks functional during emergencies.


Resilient Emergency Communications—Ready at a Moment’s Notice

There’s no telling when an emergency situation might occur—or how severely mission-critical applications may be affected. As recent natural and man-made disasters have demonstrated, businesses, government agencies, relief organisations, and small businesses must sustain vital communications, even in the event of a large-scale disaster.

But how successfully organisations can recover connectivity after a disaster depends largely on how well they prepare in advance. Enter Hughes Emergency Solutions—a suite of tools built to handle virtually every business and government emergency communications need.

How Hughes Emergency Solutions Work 

  • Pre-disaster planning and setup

  • Permanent networks with built-in emergency preparedness

  • Temporary post-event infrastructure

Who Can Benefit from Hughes Emergency Solutions

  • Large, distributed enterprises with network continuity requirements or sites in disaster-prone areas

  • Federal, state, and local government agencies

  • Rescue and relief organisations

  • Small and medium businesses

Hughes Emergency Network Restoral (ENR) is a satellite-based backup solution that blends pre-disaster planning and setup with rapid post-event deployment. It offers a completely diverse, VPN backup service for locations connected by wide area networks (WANs) such as frame relay, MPLS, or IP VPNs.

Hughes ENR includes a planning phase that covers every aspect of business or government operations.  Hughes designs, pilots, configures, and integrates a private satellite network with the WAN. And by deferring deployment until disaster actually strikes, Hughes ENR provides the flexibility to move resources as and where needed.

Hughes fully managed, highly available networking solutions act as an insurance policy for continuity of business and government operations, especially in crisis situations. With Hughes secure, path-diverse network solutions, organizations can ensure 24/7 network reliability, even when terrestrial systems fail.

  • High Availability VPN Service - Turnkey service that provides two completely diverse broadband paths to deliver an integrated, fully managed network with unmatched reliability and performance

  • Access Continuity Service - Managed network continuity service with cost-effective satellite broadband backup for true path diversity

After an emergency occurs, Hughes emergency response solutions provide a true alternative infrastructure that’s ready for instant deployment—and stays up and running when terrestrial systems fail.

  • Communications restoral within 48 hours using standard VSAT equipment and mount
  • Ideal for providing service while primary communications are being restored after an emergency
  • Internet access nationwide with a variety of service plans
  • Vehicle-mount terminals and flyaway kits with mobile, self-pointing antenna system

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