Secure Remote Access

Highly-secure remote access through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with two-factor authentication.


Access Your LAN Securely—from Anywhere

With more and more employees working from home or on-the-road, the demand for remote access to the network is growing exponentially—along with the need for more secure remote authentication. The Hughes Secure Remote Access Service provides secured access to remote sites via advanced firewall and Nordic Edge or RSA authentication through the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC). The service provides the same level of access as if the end user were connected into the local area network (LAN) at the remote site.

Hughes Secure Remote Access utilises two-factor authentications for strong access control to the network. Each end user that subscribes to the service will be provided with a Dongle or RSA hardware token and a user-changeable Personal Identification Number (PIN). The Dongle or RSA token is a small hardware device with built-in authentication using a standard PC USB port. The user accesses the secure network connection through the combination of the Dongle or RSA token and their unique PIN.

How It Works

  • Nordic Edge authentication is performed between the Dongle and a separate Nordic Edge server at the Hughes NOC.

  • An SSL VPN is established between the end user's remote PC and the Hughes firewall.

  • Nordic Edge authentication grants access into the network and the SSL VPN maintains security between the off-net end user location and the Hughes NOC.

  • Each Dongle is mapped to a set of IP addresses specific to that end user's site community.

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