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Employee Training Made Easy

As one of your most valuable assets, satisfied employees make the best company representatives. That’s why it’s so important to train and retain good employees who lend a strong face to the company brand. Just because your budget is tight, you don't need to lower your standards and expectations. What you do need is a managed network solution that engages your employees and maximizes workforce productivity.

Training and learning solutions from Hughes present the ideal way to enhance performance, increase productivity, and stay ahead of the competition—at a price you can afford. The Hughes suite of training products enables your business to offer high-impact training, including rich media training via a private television network, live training that can be archived for later review, and on-demand training that is available online and at your employees fingertips via smartphones and tablets.


Hughes MediaTraining™ is a highly secure, video-based system that delivers training to single users or groups, and offers optional mobile device access. With Hughes MediaTraining, your business can deliver high-impact, video-based training materials to a vast organization in a low-cost manner. Your employees are trained with engaging video-on-demand and live content that is easily created and viewed using desktops, laptops, and tablets such as the Apple iPad®. Advanced reporting capabilities enable you to track program completion to ensure your employees have the product knowledge they need. Plus, the system doubles as a Digital Bulletin Board for announcements and information when not in use for training.

  • Train your employees more effectively through engaging video-on-demand and live content

  • Deliver rich-media content where and when it’s needed via PCs, flat-screens, or mobile apps

  • Track program completion by employee

  • Monitor progress with real-time reporting

  • Deliver training anywhere with mobile iPad® and AndroidTM Apps

  • Create training videos with iPad® App


The Hughes MediaClassroom add-on to MediaTraining provides a fully interactive distance learning solution, offering a live or on-demand classroom environment. This solution gives remote students located anywhere within a corporate network the ability to participate in a live training session. They can virtually “raise their hand,” ask and answer questions, and take surveys and quizzes using handheld keypads or mobile devices.

Learning Management Portal

In the past, it’s been challenging to ensure proper training for your mobile workforce. But now your employees on the move can access training when and where it’s convenient for them. The Hughes Learning Management Portal is a fully hosted, Web-based learning solution that smoothly blends mobility with training and learning. With Learning Management Portal, you can focus on what moves your business forward—getting information into the hands of your employees, partners, and customers.

  • Easily store, manage, deliver, and track training and communication via a Web-based system available anywhere

  • Maximize workforce performance and productivity

  • Set up your portal with a customized look and feel, and individualized learning paths

  • Create content quickly and easily

  • Deliver training via mobile devices with easy access for employees anywhere

  • Monitor and track user progress, performance, and completion rates with detailed reporting

  • Maximize online training with software that converts MicrosoftTM PowerPoint presentations into Flash presentations for convenient viewing

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