Voice Services (VoIP)

Get all the advantages of VoIP without costly
upgrades or expensive leased line MPLS networks.


All the advantages of VoIP without costly upgrades

Your business has a lot to gain from converging voice and data: cost savings, greater efficiency, better service. The problem? Until now, you've had to invest in expensive leased line MPLS networks to get the enterprise-grade quality you need.

Hughes has changed all that with the industry's first managed Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution that provides high-quality voice communications over affordable broadband networks.

Hughes ActiveQoSTM makes the difference

Hughes VoIP Service is made possible by our new breakthrough Active QoS. It's a WAN optimization technology that solves traditional VoIP performance problems, ensuring latency sensitive voice calls get through with minimal packet loss and jitter, no matter what data traffic may be congesting the network.

So you get the high-quality, reliable voice solution you need over affordable cable and DSL connections with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS).

Make your business more competitive

Hughes VoIP Service gives you a wide range of advantages:

  • Advanced voice features including call routing, web portal administration and call tracking/reporting for greater efficiency and improved customer service

  • Significant cost savings when you collapse all your voice lines into your existing data line

  • No need to do a costly upgrade—seamlessly integrates with all your existing hardware

  • Ease of management with one solution that gives you nationwide reach, so there's no more need for multiple local and long distance carriers

Hughes Enterprise VoIP Service gives you a turnkey solution that allows you to:

  • Reduce overhead costs without replacing existing technology

  • Enhance the customer and workforce experience with advanced voice features

  • Improve store efficiency with flexible call routing

Hughes ActiveQoS is a new network optimization technology that delivers "MPLS-like" performance over affordable DSL and cable broadband connections. It adapts to traffic demands using innovative optimization methods, ensuring that real-time, latency sensitive applications get through no matter what data is present. As a result, these applications run smoothly with minimal packet loss and jitter.

Hughes Enterprise VoIP eases management in a number of different ways:

  • Nationwide infrastructure that reaches all your locations

  • One provider, one bill

  • No more need for multiple local and long distance carriers, reducing complexity

  • Fully managed solution that frees up your resources and allows you to concentrate on your business—not your technology

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