HS3400 Media Appliance

A robust platform for rich media-based training and communications.


Deliver Video Content – Anytime, Anywhere, across Any Transport

To facilitate workforce productivity and performance, enterprises need to keep their employees informed, engaged, and trained. That means constantly communicating up-to-date information, and when it comes to communicating with impact, nothing beats video.

The Hughes HS3400 is a media-focused platform designed to deliver video-based training and corporate communications to a distributed organisation via a low-cost, reliable method. Installed at a branch location, your employees can log in directly to the HS3400 with a handheld remote. The system delivers live presentations and acts as an enterprise-grade DVR (digital video recorder) to provide recorded viewing of prior live events and other prerecorded, on-demand content.

Hughes Digital Bulletin Board™

As a value-added option, the system can be configured as a digital bulletin board or corporate communications player when it is not being used for viewing training programmes. After a preset inactive period, the system automatically switches to a Hughes Digital Bulletin Board™ screen saver.

Remote Access

The Hughes HS3400 enables remote access using desktops, tablets, and Web-enabled smartphone devices to access the same video content, and supports any browser-enabled device including iPhone®/iPod®, iPad®, Android®-based tablets and phones, and Blackberry® devices.

Flexible and Multi-Purpose Video Platform

  • Enables delivery of video content – anywhere, anytime, and across any transport

  • Video-on-demand can be used to deliver product demos or training modules

  • Video-on-demand training modules are available locally or via browser-based mobile devices

  • Provides platform for rich media-based corporate communications

  • Delivers live internal broadcasts (IPTV)

  • Can serve up multiple channels that can contain live multicast or pre-recorded content

  • Displays corporate communications messaging when not being used for local training

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