With Hughes Europe, telepresence is no longer a question of location.


If there is one word on everyone's lips today throughout the business today, it's telepresence - otherwise known as videoconferencing in HD. It is hugely attractive in helping companies reduce travel costs, by enabling a virtual meeting to be as effective as a face-to-face meeting.

The problem until now has been that, though it has real value throughout the business, it has been hugely expensive, so restricting its use in the boardroom. With Hughes videoconferencing solutions, this has all changed.

  • Cost-effective, HD-quality videoconferencing can be provided over any transport medium - terrestrial, satellite or Wi-Fi

  • A robust solution, underpinned by partnerships with such market-leading videoconferencing providers as LifeSize (a Logitec company) and Polycom

  • Yet Hughes has gone further than just taking an off-the-shelf product.  In each case we have worked closely with our partner to adapt the network transport layer and ensure optimum performance over any transport medium.

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