HN System

The HN System is the Hughes flagship product line for large-scale Internet satellite broadband networks.


Advanced Broadband Systems for Your Government Network

The HN System consists of the HN NOC (or hub) and the HN remote terminals and appliances, and runs over C-, Ku- or Ka-Band satellite capacity. The core of the HN System is the HN NOC, which provides high-speed transmission of IP packets to and from the remote terminals. Based on DVB-S/S2 and IPoS standards, the HN System consists of baseband processing equipment, IF subsystem, control subsystem and network management system.

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The HN NOC performs the following major functions:

  • Provides highly secure and efficient IP transport for data or real-time applications such as video or voice

  • Provides optimum performance by efficiently managing bandwidth using intelligent, protocol-sensitive bandwidth assignment algorithms

  • Provides an easily manageable system with a comprehensive and completely self-sufficient Network Management System (NMS) used to configure and manage all components of the HN system

  • Provides for high availability by incorporating active redundancies into all the critical components of the NOC, including auto switchover and fault isolation

  • Offers a high degree of system interoperability due to easy integration of external platforms

The System supports a full range of remote equipment supporting a variety of user applications. The remote equipment in the Hughes systems comprises remote terminals and optional appliances, such as voice appliances and serial appliances. Every Hughes terminal and appliance is operating system agnostic and as such supports Windows®, Apple®, Macintosh®, Unix®, and other platforms running IP over Ethernet.

Hughes Broadband Satellite Routers:

  • HN7000S - High-performance modem for SME/SOHO/consumer customers

  • HN7700S - High-performance router for large enterprises and government customers

  • HN7740S - Integrated broadband data and VoIP router for enterprises

  • HN9000 - SPACEWAY-enabled, high-performance, scalable broadband satellite modem for consumers

  • HN9200 - Dual Ka/Ku band high-performance broadband satellite router

  • HN9500 - SPACEWAY-enabled, high-performance, scalable broadband satellite router for enterprise

  • HN9400 - Ka/Ku band high throughput satellite router with Advanced Adaptive LDPC Coding

Hughes Voice Appliance:

The optional appliance may be connected to the remote terminal through a LAN interface.

  • HN1030 - Bringing serial data support to IP networks

  • HN1040 - Integrating VoIP with Hughes broadband systems

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