HX System

High-performance satellite broadband for carrier-grade IP and broadband networking applications.


High-performance IP satellite broadband system

Designed and optimised for carrier-grade IP broadband networking and specialized applications such as mobility and mesh networking, Hughes brings to the market the HX System—a broadband satellite system with an economical gateway earth station and high performance remote terminals.

HX Gateway features:

  • Compact hub configuration

  • Intelligent, protocol-sensitive bandwidth assignment for optimum performance and efficiency for each application

  • Dynamically assigned CIRs per remote or group of remote terminals

  • High-performance IP feature set

  • End-to-end network security

  • Advanced network management capabilities including detailed remote diagnostics

  • Active redundancy for all critical components

  • Optional mesh controller for supporting single-hop remote-to-remote connectivity

Quality of Service features:

  • On-demand Constant Bit Rate (CBR) services

  • Adaptive CBR with Minimum, Maximum, and user-definable step-sizes

  • CIR with Minimum, Guaranteed, and Maximum rates

  • Backlog-based dynamic stream with weighted fair queuing

  • Class-based weighted prioritisation

  • Multicast data delivery

  • Four levels of IP traffic prioritisation

Bandwidth allocation:

  • Supports both preassigned (static) traffic assignment and dynamic traffic assignment

  • Idle remotes can be configured to release all network resources

Bandwidth optimisation:

  • Integrated TCP spoofing

  • Integrated HTTP acceleration (optional)

  • Integrated TCP and UDP compression

  • Header compression

  • Outbound Adaptive Coding and Modulation

  • Inbound Adaptive Inroute Selection

The core component of the HX System is the HX Gateway, which acts as the system master and includes the network management and dynamic bandwidth assignment manager. The HX Gateway uses a DVB-S2 carrier with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) for the outbound channel received by all HX System remote terminals. HX remote terminals utilise FDMA/TDMA channels to communicate back to the HX Gateway (star mode) or to each other (mesh mode).

The FDMA/TDMA channels of the HX System are highly efficient and are based on the industry-leading standard, Internet Protocol over Satellite (IPoS), which has been endorsed by ETSI, ITU, and TIA. The HX System FDMA/TDMA channels of the HX System support data rates up to 9.8 Mbps.

Efficiency and flexibility in utilising satellite bandwidth are core to the design of the HX System. Each link, in star or mesh mode, can be configured to provide a QoS tailored for an individual remote terminal. And each remote link can be independently configured with unique Committed Information Rates (CIRs), thereby allowing a service provider to develop a service tailored to their customers' specific requirements. In addition, the HX System bandwidth allocation scheme is designed so that idle terminals can be configured to release all bandwidth assignments thus ensuring optimal bandwidth utilisation.

The Hughes family of satellite terminals and routers is compliant with the global IPoS standard, the only standard approved by the TIA, ETSI, and ITU standards organisations. IPoS enables Hughes broadband routers/terminals to provide superior FDMA/TDMA performance and efficiency.

  • Clearly defined interface conforming to the ETSI SI-SAP standard enables back-end systems to work easily with the Hughes infrastructure

  • Truly dynamic bandwidth assignment; remote sites with no traffic are assigned no resources

  • Finer granularity allows a lower average burst overhead, thereby increasing efficiency

  • SCPC/MCPC replacement links

  • GSM backhaul

  • MPLS extension services

  • Embassy and government networks

  • Private leased-line services

  • Voice/video/data trunking for mesh networks

  • Maritime, air, and ground-based mobile networks

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