Key Features

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HX Gateway features:

  • Compact hub configuration

  • Intelligent, protocol-sensitive bandwidth assignment for optimum performance and efficiency for each application

  • Dynamically assigned CIRs per remote or group of remote terminals

  • High-performance IP feature set

  • End-to-end network security

  • Advanced network management capabilities including detailed remote diagnostics

  • Active redundancy for all critical components

  • Optional mesh controller for supporting single-hop remote-to-remote connectivity

Quality of Service features:

  • On-demand Constant Bit Rate (CBR) services

  • Adaptive CBR with Minimum, Maximum, and user-definable step-sizes

  • CIR with Minimum, Guaranteed, and Maximum rates

  • Backlog-based dynamic stream with weighted fair queuing

  • Class-based weighted prioritisation

  • Multicast data delivery

  • Four levels of IP traffic prioritisation

Bandwidth allocation:

  • Supports both preassigned (static) traffic assignment and dynamic traffic assignment

  • Idle remotes can be configured to release all network resources

Bandwidth optimisation:

  • Integrated TCP spoofing

  • Integrated HTTP acceleration (optional)

  • Integrated TCP and UDP compression

  • Header compression

  • Outbound Adaptive Coding and Modulation

  • Inbound Adaptive Inroute Selection

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