DSL System

Building a flexible cost-effective network around your requirements, whatever the size, whatever the geography.


If you have tried to implement a cross-border DSL project, you will know just what a nightmare it can be working with incumbent providers. Equally, for most providers, any project below 5,000 sites will be considered a standard network, so your only option will be a standard product. There will be little or no chance of any customisation or special support requirements, at a price that makes economic sense.

With Hughes Europe, it is different. We can build a network around your requirements, starting with as few as 50 sites including across borders – delivering a flexible and cost-effective managed solution which lets you get on with the rest of your business.

  • DSL from Hughes Europe is available across the whole of Europe and can be extended into other regions

  • In most countries Layer 2 connectivity is also available - ensuring an even higher SLA

  • Delivering an unrivalled SLA of 98.5%, a level of service quality unenforceable with major competitors

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