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Hughes Europe - taking away the burden of Wi-Fi management throughout your business.


Today, everyone it seems has a smartphone, an iPad or a notebook, with the result that Wi-Fi has truly become a ubiquitous communications technology. So the question for the business is this: who should manage your Wi-Fi?  The answer is simple: Hughes Europe.

  • From retail to enterprise business to government, Hughes Europe has the tools and the experience to fully manage your Wi-Fi network - taking away one more IT headache and letting you get on with your business

  • Our vendor-agnostic solution fits any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, ensuring an easy and cost-effective upgrade path

  • Supports free, ad-sponsored, pay-as-you-go commercial models 

  • If you are running PCI-certified devices on your network, Hughes Europe offers a highly secure solution which allows you to scan for rogue access points

  • A fully-managed one-stop shop Wi-Fi solution - from site review and installation to traffic management and billing

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