WiMax System

A solution that delivers coverage, cost of deployment and adoption of customer-provided equipment.


With so much focus today on Wi-Fi and LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile networks, it's easy to forget the powerful benefits that WiMax can offer.

  • The major consolidation in licence-holders now makes effective enterprise-wide deployment an attractive reality

  • The new industry standard 802.16e opens up new opportunities, in offering better coverage and faster speeds

  • WiMax is the perfect solution to cover last mile connectivity, by balancing coverage, cost of deployment and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) availability in a way other wireless networks can't match

  • Through our partnership with Alvarion, the world's largest provider of WiMax network hardware, we provide a highly stable technology platform

  • We have fully solved the WiMax challenge of backhaul - getting data from the base station back to the central location - by using the new Ka band satellite as our backhaul medium

  • We can provide additional services such as CCTV support 

  • A fully-managed one-stop shop WiMax solution - from site review and installation to traffic management and billing

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