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Hot Topic: SD-WAN
With no standard industry definition available, we've put together a helpful overview of SD-WAN.
SD-WAN is not the answer for all businesses—take a look at our infographic to see if it's right for yours.
SD-WAN promises simplified management but might not deliver on that promise—our comparison of Managed Service versus in-house management looks at the pros and cons of each option.
What is SD-WAN and why might a Managed SD-WAN Service help your business? Take a look at our short video.

Digital Transformation and Network Transformation need to work together

We help companies realise their digital transformation aspirations by delivering highly available managed network solutions that keep the connections between people, places and things that your business relies on, up and running.

The range of technology and the spread of its impact is changing the way we think, innovate and reimagine nearly every industry. Connectivity and the network now sit at the centre of digital transformation rather than the edges; the ability of consumers and employees alike to engage, connect and collaborate all depend on it – and therefore determine the ability of retailers to thrive and even just survive.

Hughes Europe works with retailers to maximise productivity and enhance the customer experience by providing optimised managed network services, such as SD-WAN, for distributed environments. We craft networking solutions that help deliver the in-store experience your customers demand - across each of your locations.

Find out the latest thinking on the drivers for successful digital transformation in retail environments in our report.

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