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With agile networking, your business will be ready for the future and whatever changes it may bring


Delivering network agility


As technology advances rapidly and customers expect companies to keep up, having the agility to react to change is vital. 

Hughes helps businesses to scale and adopt new applications with ease

As the digital revolution accelerates, the ability to quickly and easily integrate new applications and upgrade existing ones while retaining seamless performance for all users is vital. However, deploying an increasing number of technologies adds complexity to the network structure management and pressure on its capacity. 

Our agile networking solutions support the addition of new technology, enabling new services, applications, and networks to be assimilated with little to no operational interruption.

Retaining consistency of performance and network security

When new applications are integrated into your network, consistency of performance must be retained to ensure the best possible customer experience and user productivity levels. Access to applications and platforms must be seamless and ubiquitous, connecting all users to the services and data as required. Hughes' agile networking solution enables the centralised management of applications, policies and change, with the capability to localise to individual branch needs while optimising network traffic for best possible performance. 

The rapid onboarding of new applications, platforms and connections over cloud- and internet-based services brings increased security risks. Our integrated, agile networking solution supports the optimal use of a growing number of applications while also delivering security as an embedded feature. With standardised technology and centralised control, we provide the reassurance that no company activity is at risk. 

Business Challenges_Business_Agility
Business Challenges_Business_Agility

Meeting the challenges with SD-Branch and SD-WAN 

Our Managed SD-Branch solutions provide centralised visibility, management and control across your entire network, with local flexibility, agility and security at the network edge.& Leveraging optimised network traffic management provided by a high-performance SD-WAN solution, Hughes SD-Branch supports digital transformation that will: 

  • Unify your network for a consistently high-level and secure performance 
  • Streamline your network to deliver the right technology at the right place and time 
  • Right-size your network via centrally managed systems 

We adopt a meticulous approach to planning and implementing the right agile networking solution for your company to align with existing structures and your unique challenges and to incorporate all workflows and services effectively. 

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