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Network Transformation

Optimising Wide Area Network availability and application performance

With the ever-increasing importance of digital connectivity, more and more applications are being accessed via the cloud, which means network transformation is needed to prevent stretching network capacity and compromising application performance.

Businesses are more connected than ever, which means they depend on always-on, high-performance network connectivity. As the network moves from being a commodity to become a pivotal element in delivering value from digital transformation projects, the focus turns to network transformation to deliver the high availability of applications and uninterrupted connectivity that keep your business moving. 

Our Managed Network System Services offer centralised, software-defined policy control, traffic prioritisation, and dynamic adjustment as network conditions fluctuate to ensure that users across your business always get high-performance connectivity and application availability wherever they are located. 

The benefits of the Hughes SD-WAN network transformation


Our SD-WAN is ideally positioned to drive efficiencies, lowering costs and reducing pressure on over-stretched resources. A cost-benefit analysis can illustrate how our SD-WAN technology can bring these improvements to your business. 

A bespoke option

The benefits of SD-WAN extend much further than cost. Taking a complete evaluation of your company's structure, the complexity of its estate and the challenges it faces, we can identify the best SD-WAN options for meeting your unique commercial objectives through network transformation. 

Enhancing customer experience and business productivity  


To remain competitive, businesses need to evolve their digital strategies continually.

Leveraging bandwidth-hungry applications and advances in IoT (Internet of Things) machine-to-cloud communications will elevate the customer experience and maximise productivity but also places a strain on the network. 

At Hughes, we design and implement network transformation strategies that manage this increase in connected devices and the demands it places on your Wide Area Networks, will enabling seamless and reliable connectivity across all third-party services and supporting efficiency in operations and a high level of customer satisfaction. 

Business Challenges_network_enabled_transformation
Business Challenges_network_enabled_transformation

Addressing network resilience for scalability and security 


Companies require the agility to evolve their strategies, terminating older technologies and harnessing the advantages of newer internet-based services.

New technology may offer scalability but could also come with an increased network security risk. 

With Hughes' network transformation approach that comprises a centralised and comprehensive Unified Threat Management (UTM) system, we can ensure your network is protected from multiple threats while supporting the company’s digital growth strategy. 

Find out how Hughes can support your distributed enterprises with network transformation