Don't let your Network hold your Business back – Hughes Next Generation WAN

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Learn how HughesON™ digital media solutions deliver a better cost/performance ratio than traditional broadband and MPLS.

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Distributed enterprises like those in retail, hospitality and financial services operate in highly dynamic and competitive business environments. New business strategies designed to succeed in this environment are driving changes to the branch IT and the wide area network.  

The next generation WAN needs to deliver several important capabilities; big pipes to satisfy ever increasing bandwidth demand, smart pipes to deliver high application performance and optimize bandwidth, clean pipes to isolate different traffic types and defend against security threats and reliable pipes to keep your network online with minimal downtime.  

For distributed enterprises, these capabilities need to be delivered to all branch sites no matter where they're located. Hughes is leading the industry with an exciting next-generation WAN solution that combines premises intelligence and broadband network. An approach that builds on two major industry developments, first the massive investments in broadband infrastructure have reached high levels of maturity and second dramatic increases in computing power have enabled sophisticated premises software.  

Based on our active suite of technologies Hughes’ innovative solution delivers big, smart, secure, and reliable pipe networking specifically designed for the branch network. Hughes active bonding combines multiple broadband lines at the IP level so that any individual user application can access up to 12 megabits per second of capacity and it's available wherever you need it anymore broadband is available. 

Hughes active QoS delivers MPLS like quality of service over broadband enabling true voice, video, and data convergence. With Hughes active compression your data is automatically optimized with an advanced two stage compression engine that makes your smart pipe ninety-nine percent more efficient. 

Hughes managed network security services powered by our next-generation managed firewall services, provides advanced land segmentation to support networks within a network PCI compliance, while still enabling users to access the applications they need with the devices they want.  

Hughes provides dual access links through dual network operation centres, for true path diversity. We combine wireline networking, 3G, 4G, and satellite connectivity for a reliable, scalable, and highly redundant next-generation WAN.  

You need a powerful next-generation WAN, Hughes’ solution delivers. If your branch network is on MPLS the huge solutions deliver far more capacity, next-generation security, higher reliability, and a smarter network compared to your current solution at similar or even lower costs