The Big Challenges for Retail

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In today’s world communications is no longer about types of delivery that are used but the value that these connections make possible, to both businesses and individuals. WEB 2.0 has opened up communications with the ability for users to collaborate and share information online linking in social media networking and e-commerce. To make the most of the services retail organisations need to look at becoming smarter through greater business intelligence and the usage of specific analytical tools and demographics to provide enhanced user experiences and to convert non-customers to customers, customers to loyal customers and loyal customers into fans.

For retail the end user environment and expectations has changed and the user experience is of even greater importance for the delivery of service through both bricks and mortar and on-line to provide a complete Omni-channel experience. Consumers choose where to purchase, how to purchase and when to purchase based on the shopping experience. This in turn means that shop floor staff need to be more knowledgeable and have the same technologies available to them whilst engaging with customers within the store, one of the greatest challenges in the retail industry. Mergers and acquisitions bring in the need for multi-brand integration and expanding internationally means having to deal with multiple country service providers all of which put a heavy burden on company resources.


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