The Hughes Europe 3G, 4G and IoT solutions can be provided as primary, backup and rapid deployment services. Hughes works with mobile service providers across Europe including, Vodafone, EE, Telefonica (O2) to provide country specific SIMs or as roaming SIMs that can be used across multiple countries and networks as required.  Dual SIMs can be deployed if required to provide primary and backup services over cellular networks within a single device.  This service is ideal for lottery solutions where two different mobile networks providers need to be used to ensure the service is maintained if one network fails.

Mobile SIMs can be provided with fixed data rates per SIM with additional charges for over usage or pooled to allow multiple SIMs to use one pool for greater flexibility.

Speeds across the different mobile networks do vary and are not guaranteed as cellular or mobile services are contended and the available of the service is dependent on distance from radio mast and also number of users within the area.