HN / HX Systems

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The Hughes HN and HX systems are one of the most advanced and widely deployed satellite systems around the world.

Owned and operated by Hughes to provide Hughes broadband services in North America, Europe, India, and Brazil the same HN and HX systems are also available to operators, enterprises, and governments who wish to operate their own satellite broadband services. Utilizing geostationary satellite coverage available from a choice of operators worldwide, the comprehensive family of Hughes broadband solutions provides the capability to deliver broadband IP services virtually anywhere.

Optimized for broadband IP services, Hughes systems support a wide variety of applications, from high-speed Internet/intranet access, to video conferencing, to voice (VoIP), and adhere to industry standards for voice, video, and serial data protocols.

Hughes broadband satellite systems are compliant with IPoS, including DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM), the world’s most successful satellite industry standard, approved by TIA in North America, ETSI and ITU in Europe, and together with Hughes-patented technology advantages provide unsurpassed capabilities for broadband applications and services.

Hughes systems enable operators and enterprises to deliver a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Broadband Internet access
  • Cellular backhaul
  • Communications on the move
  • VoIP telephony
  • Private IP for corporate intranet
  • Multicast data delivery


  • IPoS Compliant, including high-speed DVB-S2 with ACM outroute
  • Adaptive Inroute Selection (AIS) for maximum bandwidth efficiency
  • Extensive suite of services
  • Field proven, cost-effective and scalable from a few to 100,000’s of terminals
  • Integrated and robust network security with integrated outbound encryption and conditional access
  • Full set of integrated applications including TCP acceleration, IP routing, and optional “pre-fetching” of HTTP content for even faster web throughput
  • Service level control providing the ability to have multi-level QoS offerings
  • Complete range of remote broadband terminals
  • Flexible configurations with multiple networking topologies: star, mesh, and multi-mesh

HN System Carrier-Grade Satellite Broadband System

The HN System is a carrier-grade hub system from Hughes, optimized to support medium- to large-scale satellite broadband networks and the ideal solution for enterprise, government, and consumer/small business markets. The HN System family consists of the HN NOC (Network Operations Center or Hub) and HN terminals (routers, modems, and appliances), which operate over C-, Ku-, or Ka-Band satellites.

HN System's Applications

Broadband Internet access

Cellular Backhaul

Private IP network for corporate intranets including:

  • Banking and Financial
  • Retail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Travel

Public services including:

  • Telephony Internet Kiosk
  • Education
  • Government
  • High availability networking
  • Multicast data delivery
  • Multimedia applications including MPEG4 video

Broadband Hub

The core of the HN System is the HN hub, which manages high-speed IP traffic flow among terminals over the satellite. Compliant with IPoS/DVB-S2 with ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation), the world’s most successful satellite industry standard, the HN System hub consists of baseband processing equipment, IF subsystem, control subsystem, and network management system (NMS).

The HN hub is designed as a compact and efficient single-rack package that is highly modular and scalable, enabling rapid provisioning of any mix of satellite broadband services from a single, comprehensive platform. The base configuration of the HN hub can be readily expanded to accommodate multiple 121 Mbps forward channels and over 70 Mbps of return channel traffic, all in a single rack.

Unsurpassed in flexibility and scalability, the HN System is designed with a highly efficient architecture incorporating numerous advanced features, including guaranteed quality of service (QoS) levels for bandwidth management and industry-leading advanced acceleration and compression technologies.

Broadband Satellite Modems, Routers, and Appliances

The System supports a full range of remote equipment supporting a variety of user applications. The remote equipment in the HN System comprises satellite modems, satellite routers and optional appliances, such as voice appliances and serial appliances. Every Hughes terminal and appliance is fully compatible with virtually any IP enabled device.


Scalable, high-performance broadband satellite modem for enterprises

Scalable, high-performance broadband satellite router for enterprises

Scalable, high-performance broadband satellite router with integrated ATA for enterprises

Dual Ka-/Ku-band high-performance broadband satellite router

Dual Ka-/Ku-band high-throughput satellite router with advanced adaptive LDPC coding

Ka-band high-performance broadband satellite router with single IFL cable

Ka-band high-throughput satellite router with advanced adaptive LDPC coding

HX Gateways

The HX System is designed and optimized for carrier-grade IP broadband networking and specialized applications such as on-the-move communications and mesh networking. The system is a broadband satellite system with an economical gateway earth station and high-performance remote terminals that scales from hundreds of terminals to thousands.

The core component of the HX System is the HX Gateway, which acts as the system master and includes the network management and dynamic bandwidth assignment manager. The HX Gateway uses a DVB-S2 carrier with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) for the outbound channel received by all HX System remote terminals. HX remote terminals utilize FDMA/TDMA channels to communicate back to the HX Gateway (star mode) or to each other (mesh mode).

Efficiency and flexibility in utilizing satellite bandwidth are core to the design of the HX System. Each link, in star or mesh mode, can be configured to provide a QoS tailored for an individual remote terminal or group of terminals (iQoS). Each remote link can be independently configured with unique Committed Information Rates (CIRs), thereby allowing a service provider to develop a service tailored to their customers’ specific requirements. In addition, the HX System bandwidth allocation scheme is designed so that idle terminals can be configured to release all bandwidth assignments thus ensuring optimal bandwidth utilization.

HX Transportable Gateways

The HX TGW100 Transportable Gateway is designed and optimized for smaller, rapidly deployable networks where provisioning high-quality, high-bandwidth links is critical. Fully compatible with the advanced HX System family, the HX TGW100 employs flexible and efficient satellite broadband technology to support a wide range of commercial and government applications.

Network Management

Hughes offers a complete Network Management System (NMS) that provides all of the capabilities and tools needed to monitor and control all components and aspects of a Hughes satellite network.>

Advanced Features

The HX System offers numerous advanced system features that cater to specialized applications and operations enhancements.

  • On-the-Move (Mobility)
  • Mesh and Multi-Star Mesh
  • Hub Redundancy and Diversity
  • Virtual Network Operators (VNO)

HX Satellite Routers

Hughes offers a broad range of HX satellite routers which cover the spectrum of applications. All HX broadband satellite routers support LDPC coding on the return channel, dual IPv6/IPv4 Operation and dual LAN ports. Many of the HX satellite routers are designed with high-throughput performance which is required for next generation Ka-band satellite systems.


Transportable Gateway is designed and optimized for smaller, rapidly deployable networks where provisioning high- quality, high-bandwidth links is critical.


LDPC return channel for exceptional performance

High-throughput router for Ku- and Ka-band

High-performance IP satellite router for specialized markets

Mesh/star high-performance IP satellite router

High-performance IP satellite router with enhanced security