Although broadband and mobile networks have become the first choice for connectivity it is still not available everywhere, so when you want to connect remote geographically dispersed sites  or you need to stay in touch with remote mobile engineers what do you do?  The answer is a satellite solution from Hughes.

Hughes is the number 1 VSAT provider in the World with over 40 years of experience in developing and deploying leading edge satellite solutions for both fixed and mobile environment so you can be assured that a satellite service from Hughes will deliver reliable connectivity wherever you are located.

Satellite (VSAT) can provide a number of advantages for companies looking to connect remote and distributed locations, including:

  1. Connecting remote locations where other telecom services like DSL or 3G/4G is not available or poor quality

  2. Keeping in touch with mobile engineers in remote locations

  3. Mobile deployments when you need a temporary connection (construction sites or disaster recovery)

  4. Multicast of digital content on a point-to-multipoint basis

There are always a number of myths about satellite, so we have provided answers to the top three that are asked about:

  • Satellites are unreliable - in fact satellite services are more reliable than any DSL or 3G/4G service and can work under any weather conditions.
  • Latency - There will always be a delay of around 700ms due the link to the satellite. However, latency actually only affects a few applications.  Hughes has developed technologies to overcome most latency issues and solutions can generally be found with the new technologies,satellite network “tuning” and also application modification. As an example, Utility companies use our satellite services for remote CCTV monitoring of their sites.
  • Satellite is a high cost: In some cases satellite will be a higher cost than in-country DSL services but where DSL or 3G/4G is not available or poor quality it is a cost effective option.  Hughes can provide flexible commercial terms including Capex, OPEX or financing to suit your business.

Hughes Europe has some of the largest VSAT deployments in Europe providing our customers with broadband internet browsing speeds, which are very similar to or better than that of most terrestrial access networks.

VSAT is a Very Small Aperture Terminal which installed at the customer site and provides two way communication with an antenna of less than 3 Metres. In most cases only a 74 CM diameter dish will be required.