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I need to improve connectivity across my store network but I need to reduce TCO, how might this be achievable? 

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Driving sustainable cost efficiencies

In any large distributed enterprises there are probably two universally accepted truths:

  • The WAN has been built over time with multiple technologies, including an array of legacy equipment, multiple connectivity types and multiple service plans
  • Developing a cohesive WAN strategy has probably not been top of the agenda resulting in inefficient maintenance and support

This is probably the result of the fact that the WAN has not really been perceived as strategically important and has evolved over time as local or regional projects required more bandwidth.

Of course, that is until now.

Digital Transformation is suddenly throwing the WAN into the spotlight, putting more pressure on already creaking infrastructure. 

The need for standardised policies that can be quickly and easily deployed across the entire estate, driven by an increased demand for applications that require highly available bandwidth, can make it seem almost impossible to keep up with the demands of the business.

The skilled human resource, the logistical planning requirements and the physical equipment needed to deliver application assurance - and then keeping up to date with rapid technology change - would stretch the budgets of even the best-funded IT operation.

Hughes Europe has the skills and experience to deliver cost-effective solutions that help you get the most out of your WAN network infrastructure planning.


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