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Click and Collect Lockers

Make order pickup smarter and faster for everyone. Now that so many people have discovered the convenience of online ordering, they’re looking for fast, contactless pickup to complete their journey. Apex smart order pickup solutions give them that experience, while you get 24/7 data visibility of each handoff so you can optimize labour and increase efficiency across your portfolio. As part of a Hughes managed network they offer many additional benefits that may not have occurred to you. They provide a vital addition to your omnichannel sales and marketing strategy, integrating online ordering with footfall in physical outlets. Customers have changed their habits and expectations faster than anyone thought possible. With this feature-rich smart locker technology retailers can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour while optimising the customer experience with a contactless and fast service.

SmartStore Click and Collect Lockers consist of two main product components: the lockers themselves and a cloud management system, made available on subscription. The service offering includes all the necessary hardware, software, installation, management, and support of the service. All you need for the service to operate is network connectivity, which Hughes Network Systems Europe can provide if required.

A range of options to suit your business

Ideal for buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), each click and collect locker solution consists of a standalone locker, which has the control unit in it and then up to three additional satellite lockers, controlled by the standalone locker. There are two ranges of click and collect lockers, one suitable for indoor use and the other for sheltered outdoor use. Within each of these ranges Hughes Europe offers a variety of models, depending on the desired number and size of compartments within the locker. The standalone lockers have from seven to 16 doors and the satellite lockers from four to 16 doors. Everything is centrally managed via the cloud. Your customers will simply scan or enter a unique collection code and their compartment opens. The lockers also support a wide range of user ID systems: barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity card or keypad entry. All click and collect smart lockers can be customised with your company colours and brand identity.

Providing a food service pick-up service that is efficient, fast and easy to use. Reducing pick-up queues and providing customers and delivery drivers the fast contactless pickup experience that they want. The food service solution consists of full size and countertop flow-thru lockers offering between 3 and 31 compartments. Offering fully automated digital order fulfilment integrated with your back of house technologies to provide a seamless service to your customers.

A range of click and collect lockers
Click and collect lockers are easily integrated

Real time visibility and control

The cloud management system provides real time visibility and control of the SmartStore Click and Collect Lockers through a single unified transaction platform, giving customers the ability to track, manage and report on locker and dispenser usage. The cloud management system is easily integrated into a wide range of existing business systems. Using simple, lightweight APIs, it is possible to integrate into:

     •  Point of sale systems
     •  CRM
       Mobile apps
       Kitchen display systems
       Third-party delivery services

Integration with such systems removes the requirement for duplicate data entry: data on customers’ purchasing is captured automatically and can be consolidated as part of a 360o view of the customer. Alternatively, for customers that do not wish to integrate SmartStore Click and Collect Lockers with other business systems, there is a simple order management application. This app allows you to create and manage orders, send notifications and more. 

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