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Turn unknown visitors to known customers with Smart Retail Wi-Fi in-store. Track their in-store journey and communicate with them after they’ve left and monitor performance through retail anlaytics 


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In-store Wi-Fi is a must


In today’s omnichannel retail environment retailers and shopping centres must offer new experiences to consumers accustomed to the simplicity of e-commerce. Retail Wi-Fi and retail analytics have not only become an important asset in this respect, but also one that customers increasingly want and expect. This provides retailers with a fantastic opportunity. Customising your in-store splash page so that it seamlessly adapts to the needs of your customers will promote buying decisions, reinforce your brand and create an engaging retail customer experience.

In fact, connecting to Wi-Fi is very often the first step on the journey to a purchasing decision. It provides store owners with a very effective medium for communication to promote special offers to first-time users and to establish instant rapport with the customer. The existence of retail Wi-Fi in stores and shopping malls also attracts customers back onto the premises and prolongs their average stay time. This in turn increases the opportunity to make additional sales, as well as creating the “buzz” of a busy store.

Access the benefits of Smart Wi-Fi

Retail Wi-Fi from Hughes Network Systems Europe not only makes in-store Wi-Fi convenient and fun to use for store visitors but also makes it a carefree service for owners of distributed retail chains. Visitors to any store or shopping mall can connect quickly and easily, for example by using their favourite social media, or by entering some personal details such as their age, gender, email address and postcode. They only have to do this once. Their opted-in, GDPR compliant data is then stored in the SmartStore Control Tower and ready to be use by retail analytics.

  • Personalise promotions with Smart WiFi

    Once customers have connected to Retail Wi-Fi, they are delivered personalised content based on their profile information, such as targeted coupons, loyalty programs and satisfaction surveys.

  • Give unlimited connections with Smart WiFi

    Retail Wi-Fi is a cloud-based solution that works on all mobile devices. As such, the number of simultaneous connections is unlimited, dependent only on the capacity of the in-store retail Wi-Fi hardware.

  • Smart WiFi delivers a wealth of information

    With Smart Wi-Fi, you will have the means at your disposal to get to know your customers better. You can combine the demographic data captured by Smart Wi-Fi and stored in the Control Tower with data such as arrival time in the store and length of visit to get a comprehensive view of your customer segments and their shopping habits.

  • use Smart WiFi to communicate with customers

    Smart Wi-Fi also enables you to communicate with your customers by email after their in-store visit, providing infinite opportunities to promote offers and raise your brand visibility. All of the data you collect via retail Wi-Fi can also be directly integrated into your CRM platform and marketing automation via APIs.

  • Smart Wifi helps you understand your customers

    Over time, Smart Wi-Fi helps you to get to know your customers even better and communicate with appropriately targeted messages. retail Wi-Fi provides footfall statistics for your point of sales, such as visitor numbers, average time spent in store, and repeat visits.

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