Predictable Application Performance

With the ever-changing need to deliver more business applications to streamline operations and increase the bottom line, combined with BYOD (Bring Your Own device), Shadow IT (Employee-owned download applications used in work), customers bringing their own content and uncertain bandwidth requirements for newly-launched applications, how do you ensure that the business critical applications get the bandwidth they require but still be able to provide the right employee and customer experience?

With the ever-increasing application boom and the escalating growth of bandwidth usage, companies need to ensure that critical applications get the bandwidth they require but simultaneously provide employees and customers with a solid service and favorable experience. 

With new developments in cloud-based services, Wi-Fi, SDN (Software Defined Networks) and SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) the ability for the network devices to understand what’s going on in the network and apply optimised service templates is becoming increasingly important. This all needs to bed done with a simple click of a button to provide the necessary control for business critical applications yet still provide access for employee and customer requirements.