Managed Network Connectivity for Fuel Retailers

Helping Fuel Forecourts to maximise revenue from non-core products

Network Connectivity for Fuel Retailers

The role of fuel retailers (forecourts) is changing.  And this will only accelerate as the shift towards electric cars increases. Offering value-added convenience services that increase revenues is the first step in generating a different revenue mix from the forecourt.

However, this increased service portfolio can add complexity to the infrastructure that helps deliver this.  Working out the best way to deliver connectivity to the forecourt to maximise revenue from new partnerships is vitally important.

Hughes has many years experience of working with fuel retailers to deliver the highly available and resilient managed networks they need. Find out more about how we’ve helped our customers transform their networks in Making the Right Connections.

Having the right technology will play a pivotal role in delivering the type of frictionless experience that customers are coming to expect from fuel retailers. In a highly competitive space with significant overheads, getting your network connectivity right is strategically important.


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