In today’s world, large organisations with dispersed sites across multiple countries face the added challenge of connecting and managing their entire store network infrastructure while attempting to negotiate and facilitate connectivity from a multitude of suppliers across a number of locations. Hughes has already established themselves as a go to partner within the industry when requiring this type of deployment with an already tried and trusted supplier and partner chain to enable us to provide and manage your store infrastructure across the whole of Europe.

This in turn means that shop floor employees need to be more knowledgeable and have the same technologies available to them whilst engaging with customers within the store.  Mergers and acquisitions bring in the need for multi-brand integration and expanding internationally means having to deal with multiple country service providers. All of which put a heavy burden on company resources. Combined with this customers expect to be connected to their services whilst in store

Hughes is helping retail organisations with their digital transformation to become smarter through greater business intelligence and keeping companies connected wherever the location. Whether you are C-level executive, head of department, director or manager Hughes has services and solutions to aid you in deploying your digital strategy.  Call us to see how we can assist in taking some of your department pressures off you.