Educating a Distributed Workforce

Have you ever thought?

  • How do I keep my distributed workforce up-to-date with policies and procedures?
  • How do I have better and more knowledgeable interaction with my customers?
  • How do I keep my part-time and temporary staff up to date on changing products and services?
  • Is everyone up to date with Health and Safety?
  • How do I increase my staff to customer sales productivity ratio?

The solution is Hughes Learning Portal. Delivering rich-media courses to a distributed audience using the internet and a web browser; it is designed as an entry-level solution for businesses that do not have a learning solution in place. Containing a powerful learning management system and a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allows the portal to integrate with existing human resource systems.

What does it give you?

Mobile access to training modules with secure login and support for Flash-enabled devices and HTML5 browsers, using desktop computers, smartphones and tablets by giving you the ability to deliver courses to your distributed audience with complete tracking and reporting abilities. With the ability to use video you can take a standard video upload it and insert questions throughout the video using tools within the Portal, allowing you to create a very powerful course experience and track learning with questions along the way.

Compatible with a wide range of content creation tools, like the industry standard SCORM, the Hughes Learning Portal will track a wide range of information about the course.