Network Connectivity

Choosing the right network connectivity

Network Connectivity in City

As enterprises move to digitally transform the way their business operates, network connectivity solutions need to evolve to deliver highly available, high performance networks to support the increased volume of critical, real-time data and communications that rely on them.

With hundreds of Telcos and ISPs across Europe, all with varying services, capacity and reach, sourcing, procuring, licensing and most importantly supporting the network connectivity your business needs to provide a unified experience across a distributed estate can be challenging.

Hughes can provide connectivity solutions that are fully optimised for business requirements based on location, capacity and availability.

We craft connectivity solutions from a wide range of options to ensure both availability and resilience.

Our solutions can be compromised of any combination of connectivity. Find out more about connectivity options here.

Terrestrial Connectivity

Terrestrial connectivity solutions provide reliable connectivity across the majority of locations in Europe.

With a choice of speeds and circuit types from simple terrestrial DSL business broadband, fast fibre and dedicated Ethernet circuits Hughes can provide terrestrial connectivity solutions to meet the needs of individual sites.

Terrestrial Connectivity
Mobile Connectivity – Mobile Phones

Mobile Connectivity

Using our range of mobile connectivity solutions to provide back up to terrestrial solutions helps to ensure network resilience.

Our relationships with key mobile connectivity providers mean we can deliver flexible mobile connectivity services on a pan European basis.

Satellite Connectivity

Hughes has an enviable reputation in delivering satellite services to businesses across the globe. We understand the challenges of providing reliable connectivity to remote or underserved areas.

Our VSAT Satellite infrastructure can deliver connectivity to challenging locations across Europe and provide excellent resilience across your entire network.

Satellite Connectivity
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