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Network Technology – Robot Hand

We all know that technology is changing at a rate far quicker than our ability to change with it.  Making investment in the right network technology relies on keeping abreast of current options and future roadmaps to make sure investment is protected as far as possible into the future.

At Hughes we are vendor independent. We work with leading vendors in the networking technology space so that we can help our customers make the right technology investment choices.

Because we are specialists in networking solutions we monitor the technology landscape and add new vendor relationships to our portfolio when we believe there is benefit for our customers.

We can help with sourcing and procuring the whole range of network technology options.


SD-WAN is an emerging network technology that delivers a software overlay to the physical network infrastructure to enable centralised management of network policy and change, network availability and network performance. Why you would deploy an SD-WAN solution?

We have significant experience in deploying this new network technology and work with leading vendors in the SD-WAN market to ensure our customers can access the SD-WAN technology that is right for them.

SD-WAN Technology Diagram
Optimised WAN Diagram

Optimised WAN

Where SD-WAN is not the right solution for customers, we can deliver WAN technology that provides reliable, optimised, routing capability for distributed enterprises. 

We work with leading vendors of network routing technology to ensure our customers can achieve robust networking solutions at the right price point.

Whether you’re looking to deliver the best possible network provision to optimise cost efficiency or to support new ways of working, we can help you to identify and procure the right network technology at the right price point.

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