Site Surveys

As part of our professional services to insure timely and outstanding service delivery, Hughes provides four different types of survey. 

Desktop Survey – Desktop surveys are completed for all satellite installations to ensure that there are no known restrictions with deploying a satellite antenna at a location. Areas we will look at are whether there any trees or buildings that may affect the ability to provide a reliable service.

Installation Surveys – At the time of an installation our engineers will carry out a site survey to ensure that all equipment can be installed within the guidelines agreed.

Site Surveys – Hughes Europe can provide specific site surveys before any installation of equipment is scheduled to ensure that the required service can be provided at that location.  If there are any issues found these will be highlighted and a plan put in place so that the required service deployment timeframes can be fulfilled.

Wi-Fi Surveys – To get Wi-Fi systems operational in the most efficient way can be complicated dependent on the environment. Hughes provides two levels of Wi-Fi surveys using the widely used Ekahaiu WLAN site survey planning software and spectrum analysis tool the leading software for Wi-Fi design and maintenance. The first level is from a detailed floor plan of the building fabric from the site. We will plan the Wi-Fi deployment based on the plan and fabric of the building. The second level is an on-site Wi-Fi survey were we will spend time investigating the best location for the Wi-Fi Access Points to provide optimum performance for business applications and customer services.