Unified Billing

More than ever, your network must become a strategic asset to empower the business. In today's economic climate, where streamlining and efficiency can make the difference between boom or bust, it is essential that you identify strategies that help your company save without sacrificing performance or reliability. Hughes Europe recognises how important cost issues have become, which is why we take your bottom line into account every step of the way. Hughes Managed Services deliver the tools, resources, and expertise you need to make your network a strategic asset that is less costly, more reliable, and performs better for your business.

With multiple service providers providing different services to your network, especially in multi-country deployments, billing can be complicated. To simplify accounting Hughes Europe can bring all WAN services into one bill providing you with a single bill for your finance team.  Billing can also be separately allocated if you have multiple brands, departments, country or regional divisions with their own cost centres.