Become a smarter organisation with greater business intelligence with Hughes Europe Business Analytics and provide a more personalised and individual user experience to your customers.

Hughes Europe provides two analytics services: Business and Customer Intelligence and Network Intelligence.

Business and Customer Intelligence

With a greater availability of hand-held smart devices individuals are far more technology-aware and utilise a breadth of internet services especially social networking as the norm for business and personal communications.

The positives with this are the potential to gather huge amounts of data on your customer’s behaviours and likes. With this greater knowledge of your customers you can start tailoring your products and services to the right audience to prove a real-time interaction. Detailed demographics of who your customers are, whether its footfall around a store, where they eat, what they like to buy, where they stay gives you the advantage over your competitors in keeping the customer with you. There is always a cost for analytics but done right it will pay for itself, with increased sales, more productive staff and reduced operational overheads. Whether you have a new deployment or want to have analytics as an overlay to your current network Hughes can provide the right solution for you.

Network Intelligence

When your wide area network is carrying your core business applications and customer information across distributed sites you need to know that it stays operational. Knowing more about your network status, bandwidth usage and capacity and the applications running across it provides greater network efficiencies and optimises the available bandwidth. Knowing which actual applications are running across the network and understanding which ones are high bandwidth usage, or Shadow IT gives control back to the IT teams to ensure the business critical applications have the QoS and priority they need.

Monitoring of a network, or better the devices in a network, today has to be at a low cost, more flexible, scalable, efficient and redundant. An overview of the network has to be simplified and easy to use from a single panel view.

The Hughes NMS offers simple, intuitive and scalable monitoring for networks of all sizes. It is a modern and web-based interface which is designed to make tasks easier, and provide the most important data for multiple networks centralized all in one place.