Business & Customer Intelligence

With the ubiquitous availability of hand-held smart devices individuals are far more technology-aware and utilise a wide breadth of internet services, especially social networking, as the norm for business and personal communications. For service-based organisations, like retail and hospitality, the end user environment and expectations are changing and the user experience is becoming of even greater importance for the delivery of services.

The positives with this are the potential to gather huge amounts of data on your customer’s behaviours and likes. Mobile connectivity is an essential part of this shopping experience wherever the customer happens to be, to access product content, do comparisons and read community feedback in real-time.

One of the key benefits of the Hughes Wi-Fi solution is that it offers the ability to capture meaningful marketing data, including detailed customer analytics, heat map demographics and footfall counters. Learn about your visitors through demographic analysis of age, gender, location and more with a visual approach to data analysis making it easy to understand.

By collecting this information to provide business intelligence you can reward customer loyalty and aid customer service through access on the shop floor to check stock availability, product factoids, and real time price comparison, and more importantly doing so without leaving the customer's side to run off and “check” with other colleagues.