Network Intelligence

Monitoring of a network, or better the devices in a network, has to be at a low cost, more flexible, scalable, efficient and redundant. An overview of the network has to be simplified and easy to use from a single panel view.

Hughes NIA (Hughes Network Intelligent Analytics) offers a simple, intuitive and scalable monitoring for networks of all sizes. It is a modern and web-based interface which is designed to make tasks easier, and provide the most important data for multiple networks centralised all in one place.

A centralised browser based monitoring system means the IT Manager can view all network devices from a single panel on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet any time anywhere.

Whether you are small business or an enterprise spread across multiple sites, the Hughes NIA is designed to scale and to meet your organisational needs. So whether you are monitoring one site, or thousands of sites, the Hughes NIA will make your life easier.

Any network hardware device can be added to the Hughes NIA inventory and monitored if the device is reachable via an enabled management access which supports SNMP, API, Net Flow or CLI access on your network. Multiple dashboards show you, in a simplified view, at a glance, for a device or network all current, hourly or daily as throughput statistics, line receive and transmit rates or signals, top applications or top talkers.

The Hughes NIA can handle many thousands of SNMP or API tasks in seconds, or collection from thousands of Netflow data traffic statistics. The dashboard view provides summarised analysis per organisation, site, device or a single interface.

Any collected statistics or line measurements of a LAN, WAN, DSL or any kind of interface on the network device can be monitored and showed easily and intuitively on the dashboard.

The web-based monitoring system provides multi-tenant role based user access which allows you to assign user logins with specific privileges and realms to your organisation.

The Hughes NIA can proactively react on any change in the network, and notifies you or generates and sends you reports daily, weekly or monthly as you need.