Bonded WAN Connectivity

Where high speed circuits are not available or where flexible bandwidth options are required Hughes has partnered with Viprinet to provide WAN bonding of different WAN technologies delivering aggregated bandwidth of bonded lines whether xDSL, 3G/4G or satellite to increase your bandwidth capacity by up to a factor of 10.

Combined with the ability to utilise different WAN service providers and multiple WAN interfaces on a single device this can provide the ability to provide 99.999 % uptime of connectivity and in the event of a circuit failure mission-critical application will keep on working.

WAN bonding of different WAN technologies and WAN providers means that every single IP packet is split up and transmitted via different providers, making it impossible to compromise your data connection, combined with high security standards of encryption you can be assured of a secure and reliable WAN connectivity service

Operational costs savings can be accomplished by bonding lower cost internet circuits into a single high speed connection, increasing your available bandwidth.