HughesON MediaTraining™ Solutions

The HughesON MediaTraining™ solutions provide distributed enterprise customers with the ability to use video and rich-media content to educate and inform their workforce. Hughes is providing solutions for large and small enterprises, with the ability to grow and expand as needs arise. Within the Hughes MediaTraining solution suite there are three key solutions; Hughes Learning Portal, Hughes Virtual Classroom, and Hughes Video-on-Demand (VoD).

Hughes Learning Portal™

The Hughes Learning Portal is an entry-level solution for businesses that do not have a learning solution in place to deliver rich-media courses to a distributed audience using the Internet and a Web browser. The Hughes Learning Portal contains a powerful learning management system and a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allowing the portal to integrate with existing human resource systems when necessary. These APIs also lets you integrate the Hughes Learning Portal with user management directories, such as Microsoft Active Directory, which eliminates the need for multiple user ID management. The Portal can be branded for your business and supports sub-branding options within a broader corporate environment.

The Hughes Learning Portal gives you the ability to deliver courses to a distributed and remote audience with complete tracking and reporting abilities included. The course work can be organised based on employee job function, location, or any other business grouping that is used by your company. Courses can be organised into learning paths so that a learner must complete certain courses before they can start next-level courses. There is a very rich and complete management capability within the Hughes Learning Portal.

The Hughes Learning Portal is compatible with a wide range of content creation tools compatible with the industry standard SCORM. If the content creation tool is SCORM-compliant, the Hughes Learning Portal will track a wide range of information about the course. The Hughes Learning Portal also supports standard documents and will track user viewing of those documents.

One of the most exciting features of the Hughes Learning Portal is the ability to use video. Video can be uploaded into the Hughes Learning Portal and treated like a course. Also, within the Hughes Learning Portal, an organisation can take a standard video and insert questions throughout the video. This allows you to create a very powerful course experience and track learning with questions along the way. You can use a professional or consumer tool to create the video, then upload it into the portal and insert the questions using tools within the Hughes Learning Portal.

Hughes Virtual Classroom™

The best learning environment is the live classroom. In this setting, learners can interact with the subject matter expert and with their peers to share knowledge and questions. However, this is not practical in today’s distributed environments. Travel and lost time costs are too great to justify bringing large audiences together in a central location for live classroom training. But the need to train, inform, and influence the distributed workforce is still a requirement. The Hughes Virtual Classroom is the solution to this situation. The Hughes Virtual Classroom can be offered with or without interactivity. For many organisations, it is enough to simply allow the users to hear the live presentation from the subject matter expert. For others, there is a need to have the students interact with the subject matter expert and potentially with each other, too. The Virtual Classroom solutions give organisations the ability to start with simple viewing and add interactivity when they feel it is necessary. Mix this virtual classroom with the Hughes Learning Portal you have a rich learning solution for the distributed enterprise.

Hughes Video-on-Demand (VoD)™  

As a society, we are becoming conditioned to view programming when and where we want to view it and on the device we prefer. Hughes recognises this situation and delivers a solution to meet that need. With the explosion of video information on the Internet, today’s workforce expects to “watch their way to knowledge” and forward-looking organisations are seeking ways to put video assets in place for their workforce. Many times this content is general purpose and there is not a need to organize the content by employee, but rather provide access to the general workforce and let them watch the information.

The Hughes Video-on-Demand (VoD) solution lets an organization distribute the video content in a way that can reduce demand on the corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) while still giving employees a great viewing experience. The video content is made available in a secure fashion and through a simple Web browser experience. The central team can manage what content is available to each area of the company. The content can be organized into categories for easy searching.

Viewers also have the ability to give the content a rating after they have viewed the material. These ratings are aggregated and shown to the viewers and reported to the administrator so that content value can be judged. There is also reporting on the number of views. That information is helpful when tracking the impact that a piece of content has on behaviour and success within the organisation.

The Hughes Video-on-Demand capability increases an organisation’s ability to utilise video for communication and expands the reach of information quickly, securely, and simply.


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